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Amateur Entomologist

(Butterfly and Moth)


Dear insect collectors and web-surfers, welcome to my home page!

I am 35 years old, and my hobby is collecting butterflies and moths. I am member of the Lepidopterists' Society in USA, of AEAQ (l'Association des Entomologistes Amateurs du Québec), of Office pour l'information éco-entomologique (OPIE) and of "Association des Lépidoptéristes Parisiens" in France.

In order to complete my collection, I am interested in meeting other people around the world sharing the same interest in order to exchange both ideas and specimens.

What you can do on my site :

My feeling about butterfly preservation :

Preservation of insects is the new fashion around the world, and amateur entomologists are now considered as predators and no longer as scientists, forgetting that most of studies on insects have been done by amateurs and that most of specimen in museums have been given by amateurs ! Moreover, collecting butterflies save butterflies : surf on Larry Orsak site (Papua New Guinea) to read his article (Larry Orsak site (PNG) in french), or visit the butterflies aid in Kenya's rain forest . Please concentrate on conserving the habitats in which butterflies live from destruction by property agents, developers, road building, etc. Amateur entomologists don't want to be the scapegoats !!

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